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Emphasize your beauty with eyelash extensions that give you a gorgeous effortless look! Look good and feel good with eyelash extensions from RM Lash & Beauty.

Eyelash Extensions Instantly Enhance Your Eyes

They come in a variety of styles that can make your eyes look bigger, more playful, youthful or make your eye colour pop. At RM Lash & Beauty, we bring you the premium quality of eyelash extensions installed by our experienced technicians Whether you are looking to have long and bedazzling lash extensions fixed or want to get a shorter, fuller and lush extension installed, we bring you nothing but professional and customer friendly service.

lash extension application for client at RM Lash & Beauty studio

Our Service Prices

Eyelash extension price varies from salon to salon, but the basic cost for our services here in Sydney, are:
– Classic/2D Full Set (Natural Look) $159
– Russian Volume 3D-5D Full Set (Glamorous Look) $199
– Hybrid Full Set (Kardashian Look) $229
– Russian Volume 5D-7D Full Set (Dramatic Look) $259
– Russian Volume 7D-10D Full Set (Mega Volume) $299
– Eyelash infill appointments vary by length of appointment necessary but range from $99 – $139
– Eyelash Extension Removal $30

Natural Look

Natural looking eyelash extensions (classic or 2-3d)

With this set, thinner and softer eyelashes are used, applying for a few extensions on one natural lash, or one thicker extension on one natural lash. This set will make them look a bit fuller and fluttery, but at the same time very natural. -$159-
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Glamorous Look

Glamorous look - Russian Volume (3d-5d)

This style of eyelash extensions will give you fuller, fluffier and darker eyelashes effect. This technique will add more volume and make your lashes look more visible. It can work well as every day make up and for special occasions like weddings and events. - $199 -
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Kardashian Look

Kardashian look/Hybrid eyelash extensions

This set is a mix between Classic lash extensions and a Russian Volume Set. Hybrid Set can be a perfect option to achieve light volume and wispy look. - $229 -
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Dramatic Look

Dramatic look - Russian Volume (5d-7d)

This style of eyelash extensions will give full, dark and fluffy effect. Suitable for everybody who likes full and dark look eyelashes (strip lashes effect)​. - $259 -
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Mega Volume

Mega Volume - Russian Volume eyelash extensions, dramatic look

7d and more lash extensions multiply your eyelashes. 7d means that on every eyelash that is applied, 7 or more extra thin and light eyelash extensions. If you like Mega dramatic look that definitely for you. - $299 -
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If eyelashes have been done previously 2-4 weeks ago. And still, have about 50% lashes left. Infills appointment is all you need. You can leave the salon with that brand new eye look again. - $99 - $139 -
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Beautiful, Long and Full

It’s time to break-up with your eyelash curlers and wake-up with your dream eyelashes

Which Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

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