Become a lash technician trainer

Expand your business by offering lash technician training with our Academy’s private 2-days online course.

Lash trainer training online classes

If you answered ‘Yes’ we’d love to have You in our training!

RM Lash & Beauty Academy based in Sydney offers private online Lash Educator Course that will give you the solid foundation you need to become an eyelash technician trainer.

Lash trainer educator Vita, who teaches online courses experienced lash technicians.

Intensive course by experienced lash trainer

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute is an experienced lash trainer and the owner of RM Lash & Beauty Academy, eyelash studio based in Sydney, Australia. With over 7 years of experience in the industry as a lash technician and business owner Rimvita is now offering a terrific private online training course to teach YOU how to train budding lash technicians who want to grow their own businesses. 

What you can expect from the course?


Accredited lash course material designed by RM Lash & Beauty Academy


2-days of 1:1 intensive online training with Rimvita


Full support during and after training


Knowledge and advice on how to conduct an amazing training session


Becoming an accredited trainer demonstrates your experience and commitment to your industry

What you will learn?

With practical examples from years of experience, the course fleshes out the key strategies and techniques you need to know to become a successful trainer.

Lash trainer online course.
Lash technician trainer online course.

Course curriculum

  • How we learn: Understanding how the human brain absorbs and processes information. 
  • Qualities of an effective trainer: Honing earned and learned skills that will improve your effectiveness as a trainer. 
  • Preparing and delivering training: The tools you’ll need to prepare and deliver the best training session!
  • Running a training session: Techniques on how to run an effective session with momentum!
  • Personality types: Understanding introvert and extravert trainees and how to adapt your delivery accordingly. 
  • Principles of adult learners: How to tailor and adapt your training for adult learners.
  • How to deliver feedback: How to articulate constructive, useful and helpful feedback.
  • Planning a training session: How to plan a well structured, efficient and engaging training session.


  • Social media marketing: How to use powerful social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to connect with potential customers and build customer loyalty. 
  • Email marketing: Strategies and tools to use to create engaging email marketing campaigns.
  • Basic tips by creating your website: Creating a website that engages and converts potential customers. 
  • Client consultation: How to deliver valuable client consultations.
  • Pricing: Recommendations on pricing structures for your training sessions.
  • Deposits and cancellation policy: Tips on how to make your training policies, terms and conditions air-tight!
  • Workspace setup: A checklist of how to set up your workspace for a well-equipped session.
  • Starter kit: Another checklist of the items and products you’ll need to conduct your session.
  • Manuals: The content you’ll need to deliver the session as well as the manuals they will need to supply to their trainees. 



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    Earn more income by offering training for a booming industry!

    This training course will teach you how to train lash technicians to grow their own businesses. 

    Price and Availability

    The price for 2-days 1:1 online training course is A$ 2550. We have limited space available, so sign up soon! If you have any questions about the course, please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form