Vita is professional lash artist in Sydney. She guarantee the best eyelash extensions.

Founder/Lash EDUCATOR

As the founder of RM Lash & Beauty Academy, a master lash artist and educator, Rimvita (goes by Vita) knows a thing or two about eyelashes. Her talent and over 8 years’ experience, hasn’t gone unnoticed in Sydney, where her lash academy is the place to learn everything about lashes .

With an incredible amount of training under her belt, Vita is always looking for opportunities to grow professionally. She is also a regular attendee of industry conferences, to ensure that she is up to date with the latest eyelash extension techniques.

Vita’s expertise attracts locals and out-of-towners, who flock to her studio knowing that they’ll receive exceptional service. She is known for her passion and dedication to her customers and students who enrol on her coveted lash courses. Vita’s vast knowledge and experience ensures her students go on to have incredibly rewarding careers in the eyelash extension industry.

Master Lash Artist/Trainer

As a master lash artist, Aiste feels that there is nothing better than seeing a client leave the studio with a new spring in their step.

Aiste leapt deep into the world of eyelash extension artistry after discovering it was her passion. Once she started training, Aiste found out that she could pick things up very quickly and that she’s an absolute perfectionist – skills that have helped her grow into the hard-working lash extension artist that she is today. Since becoming a qualified lash artist, Aiste has continued to find ways to grow professionally and her steady source of motivation drives her to consistently perform at the top of her game. She has also gone on to become a lash extension trainer and uses her passion for her work to influence others to succeed.

To ensure that her clients feel welcomed, Aiste focuses on offering a quality service with a personal touch. She loves to get to know her clients and make sure that their eyelash extension experience is better than any they may have received before.

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