Rimvita is the founder of RM Lash Academy and experienced lash educator.


As the founder of RM Lash & Beauty Academy, a master lash artist and educator, Rimvita (goes by Vita) knows a thing or two about eyelashes. Her talent and over 8 years’ experience, hasn’t gone unnoticed in Sydney, where her lash academy is the place to learn everything about lashes .

With an incredible amount of training under her belt, Vita is always looking for opportunities to grow professionally. She is also a regular attendee of industry conferences, to ensure that she is up to date with the latest eyelash extension techniques.

Vita’s expertise attracts locals and out-of-towners, who flock to her studio knowing that they’ll receive exceptional service. She is known for her passion and dedication to her customers and students who enrol on her coveted lash courses. Vita’s vast knowledge and experience ensures her students go on to have incredibly rewarding careers in the eyelash extension industry.


Daniela has been in the lash industry since 2019, her attention to detail is her speciality, which gives her a competitive advantage in her quality of work. She is driven to continuously seek the best knowledge and demonstrates this by taking training courses yearly, attending online workshops and conferences, paired with continued mentorship amongst some of the most talented lash artists/educators globally.

“Stepping into a Lash Educator role at RM Lash Academy has been a blessing in disguise. Careers start with an education so, creating a rich learning environment that personally empowers each student along their journey is important to me.

My journey wasn’t easy, I didn’t pick up lashing straight away it took alot of perservience, dedication and most importantly practice. I also had a great support system around me which helped me progress to where I am today. So, being  able to help my students learn, grow, and develop their skills through what I’ve learnt over the years is like passing on a piece of me which is very special.

My ultimate goal is to be a positive influence for all my students and to make each of them feel supported on their journey to being a confident and successful lash artist”.

RM Lash Academy's Lash educator Jen.


Jen has always had a passion for everything beauty-related. When she obtained her first Classic Certificate, she knew that the lash extension industry was for her.

Since becoming a qualified lash artist, Jen has continued to find ways to grow professionally, and her steady source of motivation drives her to perform at the top of her game consistently.

She has also gone on to become a lash extension trainer and uses her passion for her work to influence upcoming beauty entrepreneurs to succeed.

Her goal is to be able to mentor and support them as they build their skills and become successful lash bosses!

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