Debunking common myths about semi-permanent eyelashes

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

Model who has semi-permanent eyelashes applied

In our time working in the lash extensions world, we’ve come across our fair share of outlandish reasons why people avoid trying semi-permanent eyelashes. They’re nearly always myths, which makes us sad, because it means so many people are denying themselves the right to beautiful lashes! We’re here to bust the semi-permanent lash myths, so you can embrace the experience without fear and live your best lash life.

1. Myth: ‘Semi-permanent eyelashes will damage my natural lashes.’

A visit to a fully qualified, professional lash artist, using high-quality extensions, should never damage your natural lashes. There are special safety measures, that any reputable lash artist will adhere to, which are designed to ensure the health of your natural lashes. This includes isolating each natural lash before semi-permanent lashes are applied and properly separating the lashes so that they can shed and grow as normal. 

2. Myth: ‘Having semi-permanent lashes applied will hurt or feel uncomfortable.’

Quite the opposite! Having lash extensions applied is a relaxing experience, which often causes clients to drift off to sleep. You’ll be lying down on a comfortable surface throughout the duration of your treatment and will barely feel a thing whilst the lash artist does their work. Applying semi-permanent lashes should never cause pain or discomfort. In very rare cases, some people experience a reaction to the adhesive used to attach the extensions to their natural lash, but a professional, fully trained lash artist will know how what to do to reduce any uncomfortable feeling for their client. 

3. Myth: ‘My lashes will look the same as everybody else’s.’

Actually, one of the most brilliant things about semi-permanent eyelashes is how you can adapt their style to fit each person. Everyone has a different eye shape and varying types of natural lashes, so it’s only right that your semi-permanent eyelash extensions are customised to compliment your personal look. Eyelash technicians use a special process called mapping to determine which length and curl should be placed at each point of the eye, which will vary for every person. Chances are, your eyelashes will not look like your friend’s and that’s exactly how it should be!

4. Myth: ‘The growth of my natural lashes will be stunted if I get semi-permanent lashes.’

Fear not, your natural lashes will be free to grow as they please, even when they have eyelash extensions attached. In actual fact, you are more likely to stunt your eyelash growth if you are a mascara wearer. When you apply mascara or use those swiping and rubbing motions to wipe away your mascara at the end of the day, you’re at risk of damaging your lashes. You might often notice that you lose a few individual hairs in the process too. 

On the other hand, when you have semi-permanent lashes, you have no need to wear mascara! In fact, you shouldn’t wear mascara at all, as it will damage the extensions. Therefore, your eyelashes are actually less likely to have growth issues when you have extensions applied.

If you’ve previously been reluctant to get semi-permanent eyelashes, because of these myths, we hope that we’ve finally set you free to enjoy lash extensions as your new beauty investment. Make sure you select your lash technician carefully and do as much research as possible to ensure they are reputable, then all there’s left to do is enjoy your new lashes! 


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