What are Kardashian eyelash extensions?

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

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Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions. Famous lash style.

One of the most common requests that eyelash extension artists receive from their clients is “make my eyelashes look like Kim Kardashian’s” and voila; the Kardashian eyelash extensions were born. 

Love them, or loathe them, the five sisters and Momager from Beverly Hills, have been busy influencing our 21st century lifestyles for over 13 years.

In particular, the beauty industry would look mighty different without the family’s glamourous-meets-classy trademark style, including their signature voluminous eyelashes. 

What do Kardashian eyelash extensions look like?

Kardashian eyelash extensions are similar to Hybrid eyelash extensions because both variations require a mixture of Classic and Russian Volume lashes. 

In the case of hybrid eyelash extensions, 30% of the individual extensions are Classic, whilst the remaining 70% are Russian Volume The result is beautiful, voluminous lashes, without the unnatural look which only using Russian Volume Lash extensions often creates. 

The lash line also appears thicker and solid, which is what makes the eyelashes appear so full.

Whilst hybrid lash extensions are a great look, the voluminous, yet the soft appearance of Kardashian lashes will really make your eyes pop. 

Lash artists use a couple of different techniques to achieve a flawless finish. This includes using up to 90% Russian Volume, whilst the remainder of the extensions are the Classic extensions variety.

Alternatively, some lash artists will only work with Russian Volume extensions to achieve the Kardashian look. 

Once a completed masterpiece, the main set of lashes will appear broken up by longer lash extensions, which is what makes the style appear so fluttery. 

The eyelashes will look ‘spikey’ with some lashes appearing to stand out against the grain.

How to create the Kardashian eyelash extensions look?

For those of you who are eyelash extension artists or are learning the ropes, we’re sure you’ll want to know how you can achieve the Kardashian look for your current and future clients. 

Kardashian eyelash extensions will take a little longer to craft as they require a higher level of skill than other lash extension creations.

If you choose to use a Classic and Russian Volume lash combo, keep your Classics at 0, 15 and your Russian Volumes between 0, 05 and 0, 07. Alternatively, if you’re only going to use Russian Volume extensions, make sure each individual lash extension is between 0,03 and 0,07.

If you’re going down the Classic and Russian Volume lash combined route, the Classic extensions will need to be placed first. 

Ensure they are all at least one curl and one or two lengths up, to create the perfect fan. You’ll then use the Russian Volume extensions to create the ‘spikey’ look that the Kardashian lashes are famous for.

Kim kardashian eyelash extensions explained in illustration.

Prefer to only use Russian Volume lashes? No problem, you’ll need to work with a series of open and closed fans to achieve the desired fluttery effect. 

Each lash fan needs to be at least one curl and two lengths up.

You’ll start by placing all of the close Russian Volume fans, before adding the ‘spikes’ by placing the open Russian Volume fans

Both of the Kardashian eyelash extension methods will achieve the sought-after look, so choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

Who are Kardashian lashes suitable for?

Study a photograph of Kim Kardashian without her eyelashes applied and you’ll quickly notice that her eyes are incredibly normal! 

They are in fact, on the smaller side and it is her beautiful eyelashes which make her eyes appear wider.

Clients with smaller eyes who have always dreamed of having big eyes will love Kardashian eyelash extensions. 

They open the eyes up to appear larger and pull the eyes out at the corners to create a more almond-like shape.

The Kardashian style is beautiful on Asian eyes and on hooded eyes too. 

Big, downturned or very asymmetric eyes, however, do not tend to suit the Kardashian eyelash extensions look so well. In this case, it often makes the eye line appear heavy and overdramatic.

In short, Kardashian eyelash extensions are the perfect way to open up smaller eyes and achieve a glamorous, yet fluttery look. 

The ‘spikes’ add another level of volume, without making the lashes look too thick, which often also make lashes noticeably unnatural.

It doesn’t seem like the Kardashians and their trend-setting style are going away anytime soon, so now is the perfect time to get practising Kardashian lashes, so that you can offer your clients the celebrity treatment.


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