How to build a website and email marketing campaigns to grow your lash extension business

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

How to use website and email marketing to grow your lash extension business.

To truly make your lash extension business seem professional and legitimate, it is strongly recommended that you create a website and get creative with email marketing campaigns that will inspire your readers. 

An aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website will engage potential customers and give them the opportunity to browse your services, whilst getting to know your brand. If they’re happy with what they see, they’ll go onto sign up to your email marketing list. 

There are so many great ways to go about building your own site and email marketing campaigns, and you do not have to be a technical wiz to do it right.

How do I get started building my lash extension business website?

Although you can build a website for free on sites such as WordPress, it is well worth purchasing a domain name. This means that you’ll own the little corner of the internet where people can learn all about your business. 

You will also be able to have a ‘.com’ address to help your lash business seem as professional as possible, or, you can use your country’s domain, for example ‘’ or ‘’

Remember, you don’t have to be the business owner and the website builder! Unless you have a burning desire to do the work yourself, I would recommend hiring someone to build your website for you. 

There are so many talented, experienced web-designers out there, perhaps building their business just like you. If you have a budget, it’s definitely worth using their services and freeing up some of your own time working on other areas of your lash business.


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How will SEO help my lash extension business grow?

When it comes to building a website, you don’t have to be an expert in SEO, which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation.’ 

All you need to understand is that there are certain things that you can do when putting your website content together that will better your chances of being picked up by search engines such as Google and Bing. 

These come in the form of ‘keywords,’ which are the words and phrases that potential clients will type into a search engine to find what they need. In this case, the ultimate goal would be for somebody to type ‘Eyelash extension courses near me’ into Google and for your business to be one of the first websites that pop up.

To improve your website SEO, you should have a blog section. This is where you write blog posts about your industry. In this case, your blog posts could be on topics such as ‘how to become a lash extension artist’ or ‘how to get the best out of your lash extension trainees.’ 

Uploading regular blogs and ensuring that each one contains keywords relevant to your eyelash extensions business will make search engines realise that you are a business worth featuring in the search results.

The next step is to set up a Google My Business account. This is a free service which ensures that your business will have a presence on google. If a potential client searches ‘lash extension trainers near me’ your business will appear in list format at the top of the google search.

You’ve probably come across this before when you’ve searched for restaurants near you or a hair salon. Give it a go now, if you’re not sure what this looks like. 

You can personalise your Google My Business account with updates about your business, photos and details of how to get in contact with you.

Getting clients to post a unique five-star review here will give your business more credibility, and you’ll be bumped to the top of the list.

Should I use my own photography?

Using original photography, where you can, is best. Taking imagery from other pages on the internet can cause all kinds of copy write issues in the future. 

I recommend taking a couple of hours to set up your own photoshoot. You don’t have to be a professional photographer at all and nowadays a phone camera and self-timer work just as well. 

To get your social media and website started, take some great photos of yourself, your work set-up, or a beautiful background for you to post quotes over. 

Chances are, you’ll have pictures of previous eyelash extension clients that you’ve worked on, so post those too with a caption like ‘want to learn how to do this?’ and stress how much experience you already have in the industry.

How can I use email marketing to grow my lash extension business?

Email marketing is a proven technique used by brands to make sales and maintain a business-customer relationship. 

Emails are sent out to a database which a brand or business has built-up, and the recipients receive fun, exciting content, with a hint of a sales push.

How do I build an email marketing list?

A long email marketing list does not happen overnight, and it takes time and patience. The easiest way to get started building your list is by utilising your social media audience. 

This is an excellent place to start because your followers are already somewhat engaged with your brand – signing up to your email marketing list is, for them, the natural next step. 

Create a form on your website that asks people to sign up to receive newsletters and direct people to that form. 

Overtime, as your follower count grows and your SEO strengthens, you’ll gain more organic traffic to your website, and your email list will grow naturally.

What content should I include in my marketing emails?

Re-purpose the content that you already have for your marketing emails! You can show-off blog posts that already exist on your website, use your Instagram captions for little nuggets of insight, include images that you’ve already posted and share ‘before and after’ of your existing clients. 

Your marketing emails should be a way of scooping up all of the great content that you’ve already created, to make a highlights reel. I can be nice to also include offers and competitions, exclusively for your email list.

How do I send out marketing emails?

At first, you can simply send your marketing emails out from your personal email account, or preferably a business email address. 

However, as your email list grows, so should you, by branching out and using an email marketing platform such as Hubspot or Mailchimp. Both of these platforms are free, and they will help your emails look more professional. 

Suppose you are serious about using email marketing to boost your sales. In that case, it’s a good idea to get an email template professionally designed, making sure it fits in with your overarching brand, of course.

This may all seem like a lot to organise and get to grips with, but trust us, it’ll be worth it when you’re reaping the benefits of having a business that is known for being the best in town and beyond. 

If the marketing side of running a business really isn’t for you, don’t forget that you can outsource. Your time is precious, and you should only spend it on things you’re passionate about because that’s when you do your best work. 

Just make sure you stay in the loop with everything and have lots of creative input on how your website and emails are designed, this is your baby after all. 

Just one final thought – building a successful business does not happen overnight, so manage your expectations and enjoy the ride. If your email list growth is slow, be patient and keep working hard on it. You will be rewarded in the end.


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