How to run eyelash extension consultations customers will rave about

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

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Eyelash extensions are only growing in popularity, and as more and more people decide to try enhancing their look and minimizing their daily routine, you’ll inevitably have more client consultations

These consultations are a great opportunity to understand what the customer desires, keep a note of current trends, answer questions. 

And make the client feel so at ease that they’ll walk away with an appointment, already eager to tell all their friends about how amazing you are. If you want to have client consultations your customers rave about (and who wouldn’t!) read the tips below:

Digital client record notebook is for massive client list management.


Able to store all your client records in one place, the digital record notebook has never been more accessible. With just a few clicks on your tablet screen, you can access your lash client information anywhere and anytime!

During eyelash extension consultation, explain to the client what’s possible

It’s common for first-time clients to show you pictures on Instagram that they’ve seen that have inspired them to come to meet you that day. And sometimes those lashes will be exactly what you can give them. 

However, new clients often don’t understand that the type of eyelash extensions they can have depends a lot on their natural lashes and their eye shape. Sometimes, what a client desire is going to be unachievable or be wrong for them. 

So it’s up to you as the expert to take your time explaining to them why a slightly different look will work better.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions

The only way you’ll know what a client wants is to ask a lot of questions about their needs and desires. Are they getting the lashes for a special occasion? What is it about eyelash extensions that attract them to them? 

Do they care about the convenience or only about how they look? Do they want the lashes to look natural or as a set of false eyelashes? If they like to wear heavy eye makeup, would they prefer a more dramatic set of lashes?

Spend a lot of time answering their questions

If you can, try to tease any and all questions about the eyelash extension process from the client in the consultation. The goal is to have your client walk away with an appointment for their eyelash extension procedure and absolutely no niggling questions or worries. 

A great way to combat this with quiet clients is to have an eyelash extension FAQs card ready to hand them as they leave the consultation that answers all of your most common eyelash extension consultation questions. And basic questions they may feel too embarrassed to ask, like how long do lash extensions last?

Ask them how long they’re happy to spend on their appointment

Some clients are busy, some are restless, and some have health problems that may make it difficult or even painful to lie in one position for a long period of time. While it’s certainly beneficial to impress upon them the importance of taking time for self-care (and other great reasons you can read more about here). 

They may not want to sit for three hours for volume lashes. Even though that’s what they walked into the consultation desiring. Talk to them directly about the appointment. 

Talk about any built-in breaks you have to go to the bathroom, have a drink. Or simply stretch their legs for a minute or two before continuing with the application.

Talk about budget

Most clients will have checked your pricing and know what they want before they come in for the consultation. But if what they wanted has changed in the consultation double-check that it still works within their budget. 

And if they look a little hot under the collar or like they are thinking of changing their mind, suggest a half-set or a lower cost extension.

Finally, book that appointment and send them on their way buzzing with excitement about their new lashes – before they’ve even had them applied!


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