How to attract new customers for your eyelash extension business

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

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Whether you’ve just started your own eyelash extension business, or you’ve been up and running for a while now, there comes a time in every business owner’s life when new customer footfall seems to slow down. 

The first thing to remember is that it’s completely normal for a business to ebb and flow – every small business goes through periods like this. 

However, by arming yourself with the right tools and acquiring the skills to help you grow, you can learn how to attract new customers for your eyelash extension business. Here’s how…

Get online

It’s no secret that the internet revolutionalised the way businesses talk to their clients and it’s important that you’re taking full advantage of the coverage that the World Wide Web can offer.

1. Build a website

A website acts as your virtual shop-front, providing all the information that a customer needs to know about your business and a sense of legitimacy. Your website should be easy to use, sleek and free from grammatical errors or low-quality imagery, to ensure that you appear as professional as possible.

You can also utilise your website by creating a booking system, to provide your clients with a hassle-free customer journey and by installing an online shop, if you have products to sell. When it comes to keeping your website updated, it’s important to have a blog section, so that you can regularly publish informative posts for new and current clients to read. 

This can also help you appear higher up in search engine rankings, so you’ll be capturing those potential clients making more general searches about eyelash extensions.


With our website development and design service for lash businesses, you’ll get a sleek and modern website that will WOW potential customers and help close sales faster.

2. Social media

Social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook are great tools for attracting new customers because they allow you to showcase your work and create a following for your business. 

They can help convert new clients that stumble upon your page and help potential customers see the brilliant, professional service they’d receive from you. 

Post high-quality content regularly, respond to all comments and messages and engage with other people’s content to beat the algorithms and ensure your account is shown to as many people as possible.


Networking isn’t all going to events and making awkward small talk, it can actually start and finish within the social circles that you already have. 

Word of mouth is a proven way to attract new customers and it’s your job to make sure that all your friends, family members and acquaintances know about your eyelash extension business.

Post on all your personal social media accounts, ask some willing friends to post on your behalf and every time you meet a new person, make sure you tell them what you do. Next time you meet a friend for lunch, talk to them about the benefits of lash extensions and don’t forget to make sure your current clients understand this too. 

The idea is that you generate enough noise about your business, amongst your community, that air of credibility is built up around you and your network starts recommending you to their own circle of friends and family.


Whether you’re struggling to find new clients or not, levelling-up your skill set is always a good idea. For example, if you’re only currently trained in Classic lash extensions, learning how to apply Russian Volume lash extensions will make your services appealing to more clients. 

If your business skills are holding you back, taking a business course will help you work more professionally, which in turn will help grow your reputation.

When you’re exploring how to attract new customers for your eyelash extension business, it can be tempting to lower your prices, but do try to resist this quick-fix approach! 

Instead, increase your offering by upskilling or using higher-quality products, as this will provide your clients with a higher-value service, which will ensure you stand out against your competitors.

Be available

It is, of course, important to maintain a positive work-life balance, but sometimes, especially at the start of your eyelash extension business journey, you’ll need to make yourself available after-hours.

Clients may call you, or send you a message in the evenings, in the early mornings, or at weekends and you’ll need to answer them in a timely manner, so that you don’t lose their business. If you don’t respond quickly, they’re likely to try someone else.

So that work doesn’t pull you away too much from your personal life, you can hire an assistant to answer your messages for a couple of evenings a week, or more if your finances allow.

Virtual assistants work remotely and can answer your messages, or even take phone calls on your behalf, so you can enjoy your downtime. If you can afford to outsource this responsibility, it’s a great way to prevent burnout.

Consistently attracting new customers to your eyelash extensions business can be hard work, but if you’re making all of the above an integral part of your business-building plan, your next new clients will be just around the corner.

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