Five ways to care for your eyelash extensions during summer

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

How to care for my eyelash extensions during summer time.

What does summer mean to you? For us it means going on holiday, lounging in the sun and being active. Don’t get us wrong, we love applying a full face of make-up, feeling glamorous and ‘put-together,’ but there is something about summer that leaves us wanting to flaunt our au-natural beauty and leave the mascara and eyeliner in our make-up bag.

If you’re looking to introduce a low-maintenance summer beauty regime, then eyelash extensions provide the perfect solution. Feel ready and confident to face the day with minimal effort and say ‘farewell’ to post-swim panda eyes. 

There are some things to bear in mind when enjoying summer with your eyelash extensions, but they are super easy to do and will ensure that you get to enjoy your lashes for as long as possible.

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Sunscreen – great for skin, but not for eyelashes

To ensure you hold onto your natural beauty into your later years, you should absolutely be applying sunscreen regularly, whilst enjoying the sunshine. However, the oils that sunscreen usually contains will cause eyelash extensions to shed, so avoid the eye area when applying it.

Keep them clean!

Outdoor activities, like volleyball on the beach (we all know that sand gets everywhere) or hiking, can dirty our clothes and make us feel unclean. Treat your eyelashes like you would your clothes and body after a summer activity and give them a good clean. 

You can do this easily in the shower, by letting the water pass through the lashes or by using an eyelash extension cleanser – whatever you do, be gentle and pat dry.

Too much heat can damage the curl

Getting too close to extreme heat can affect your lash curl – which provides you with the perfect excuse to get out of manning the barbeque! If you really get too near, the heat can also singe your lashes, so keep away from those bonfires too and you may have to give the sauna a miss.

Protect your eyelashes from sweaty work-outs

We love to get out of the gym during summer and go on sun-lit runs or participate in outdoor sport. Inevitably, we sweat a lot more when the weather is warm, which can damage your eyelash extensions if the sweat comes into contact with them. 

To combat this, try carrying a towel with you if it’s suitable or wearing a sweatband to keep your eyelashes safe. If in doubt, give your lashes a rinse post work-out.

Enjoy swimming with beautiful eyelashes

If you’re going on holiday, you’re probably going to be swimming in a chlorine pool or the salty sea. You definitely should because it’s great for fitness and relaxation, but keep your eyelash extensions in mind when you return to shore. 

When you can, rise your eyelashes with freshwater and comb through with an eyelash wand to get them nice and clean. Finish off with a quick pat with a towel to remove excess water, and you’re good to go!

As you can see, getting eyelash extensions for summer can be a great way to feel confident and look styled, with little effort involved. With these five small maintenance tips, you can enjoy having on-point lashes all summer long.

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