A message for our clients, in light of the current COVID-19 situation

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

First and foremost, we at RM Lash & Beauty hope that you and your families are keeping well at this challenging time. Your loyalty has never been more appreciated than it is now and we hope that you will join us in continuing to spread positivity and hope to our communities. 

Remember to follow social distancing and self-isolation recommendations from the Government, whilst strengthening your immune system by focusing on a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep. Together, we will get through this.

With normal day-to-day life currently on pause, we know that you may have some questions around caring for your lash extensions whilst your lash technician is on hiatus or perhaps you want to know how you can keep the ball rolling if you are currently training to be a technician yourself. Either way, we’ve put together some reassuring tips and tricks to see you through these unusual times.

How can I further my lash technician training during this time?

If you’ve suddenly found yourself with a lot more time on your hands, use this to your advantage and when life returns to normal, you’ll find yourself head above the rest. At the very least, keep practising your skills on a doll and if time allows, go one step further by booking onto an online training course. Not only can you currently take advantage of some great prices, but with extra downtime in your day, you’ll be able to throw yourself into studying too.

This is also a great opportunity to build your social media marketing strategy, which you can explore by signing up to an online course or even by researching other successful lash businesses on Instagram. Follow the most experienced lash technicians that you can find and absorb all the information that you can from them. 

Most importantly, if you have clients, make sure you’re communicating with them – even if this is just via an inspiring Instagram post, they’ll appreciate knowing that they have their trusty lash technician to go back to when this is all over.

How should I care for my eyelash extensions during this time?

Are you wondering what you should be doing about your current set of lashes, as they come to the end of their lifespan? Firstly, do not try and ‘remove’ your lashes yourself whilst at home. The extensions are stuck to your natural lashes with permanent glue and attempting to remove them before they fall with your natural lash can cause damage. We suggest that you wait until your extensions near the end of their life-span, at which point you can brush a small amount of coconut oil or castor oil through them. The oil will break down some of the glue, which will speed up the process of them shedding, although this will not happen overnight. 

Our lash stylists strongly recommend against using any kind of removal gel or product on yourself, even if you are a lash professional. If in doubt, simply leave your eyelash extensions to shed naturally.

If you want to keep your eyelashes looking super healthy, regardless of whether you currently have extensions attached or not, try investing in a lash serum. These little elixirs are an eyelash’s best friend, containing vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that help to stimulate, strengthen and condition the hairs. In just four-to-eight weeks you’ll see longer, thicker, darker looking lashes – making this the perfect addition to your self-care routine for when you are self-isolating. What’s more, serums can be used on your eyebrows to stimulate hair growth. Sounds good right? You’ll find an abundance of options online, so get shopping!

Overall, I wanted to sprinkle your day with some positivity and highlight the fact that this could be the perfect opportunity to take some time out for you. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to try, enhance your skill set, upgrade your self-care routine – we may never have this time on our hands again, so let’s make the most of it. 

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about your extensions or offer advice to students, so do not hesitate to get in contact. Above all, stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back to RM Lash & Beauty very soon.


RM Lash & Beauty are a respected source of knowledge for lash trainers and technicians alike. The quality of their professional eyelash extension education products and training courses reflect their lengthy experience in the industry and positively impacts lash extension professionals globally.


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