The journey to becoming a successful lash trainer

Rimvita Marcinkeviciute
Rimvita Marcinkeviciute

Founder of RM Lash & Beauty and professional lash expert

Lash trainer teaching students how to become eyelash technician.

My name is Rimvita, I am a lash artist, a lash trainer and the owner of RM Lash & Beauty Academy. Above all else, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with up-and-coming lash artists and those who want to become trainers themselves.

Throughout my career so far, I am proud to say that I have run over 100 lash extension courses and helped my ambitious students follow their dreams. I continue to seek out ways that I can grow professionally and as a person every day and evolve my teaching style based on what I have learnt.

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RM Lash & Beauty are a respected source of knowledge for lash trainers and technicians alike.

Why did I become a lash trainer?

I decided that I wanted to teach others the art of eyelash extensions around 3 years ago, when people who liked my work, asked me to teach them how. I was flattered and keen to share my knowledge, so I decided to enroll on an eyelash extension trainer course.

Now I teach my clients how to become successful eyelash technician trainers and I’ve never looked back. The satisfaction of watching my students learn and grow into successful trainers is incomparable. I feel incredibly fulfilled each time I receive positive feedback from one of my students.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably interested in becoming a lash extension trainer yourself. Perhaps you’re wondering whether this new career direction is for you. If either of these sounds like you, please read on as I am excited to share what I have learnt about the journey to becoming a trainer in the lash extension industry.

What qualities do you need to become a trainer?

Firstly, to become a successful trainer, you need to be an excellent communicator, speak well and present clearly. This is important because you’ll need to engage your trainees and keep their attention for hours at a time.

Are you naturally organised? If so, that’s great! Good trainers can handle several tasks at once. They know how to manage their time and work.

Effective trainers also know the eyelash extension process like the back of their hand. They can answer any question thrown at them and feel completely comfortable sharing their expertise. If they can’t answer a question, they know exactly where to get the answer and can feedback to their student quickly. Having a high level of experience is also important. Good trainers have hands-on experience with every aspect of what they teach.

Do you consider yourself a ‘people person?’ Effective trainers enjoy working with people. They can engage groups of people and work with them to meet training goals. They also recognise the value of learning in their own lives and want to help others learn. They find satisfaction in sharing with others the skills and knowledge they have acquired through hard work and dedication.

Patience is key when it comes to being a trainer. The most effective trainers understand that people learn in different ways and at different paces. They take the time to make sure each trainee understands what’s going on, what’s expected of them and that they leave the training sessions with the skills they came for. This also means that the trainer has to be flexible and able to adjust their training plan to accommodate the audience.

It’s great to also bring a flair of creativity to a training programme. This can mean creating exciting training materials or mixing it up with different training methods. Whatever you can do to keep the sessions interesting will keep trainees engaged.

A good trainer knows their material, their objectives and their presentation by heart. They also check to see that any equipment they expect to use in training is in place and working. When it comes to supporting materials, they make sure that there is enough for everyone, plus spares.

Does this sound like you? Or, if not, is this something that you are willing to work towards? If so, you could be the perfect candidate to become a lash extension trainer.

How to know if you are ready to become a lash trainer?

This is about asking yourself important questions around why you want to become a lash extension trainer. If your only answer is ‘to earn more money’ than it probably isn’t the right career choice for you. I recommend asking yourself the following questions before you sign up to an eyelash extension trainer course:

Would you describe yourself as an ‘experienced lash technician?’

Are you actually passionate about becoming a trainer, or do you just feel like it’s what you ‘should’ be doing as the next step in your career?

Do you have frustrations around the lash artist industry and ways that you think you’d be able to improve it?

Is your current lash extension business doing well?

Would you describe your current lash extension business as ‘organised?’

• Are you happy to offer support to your students at any hour of the day?

• Are you a patient person?

• Do you love guiding people and watching them grow?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions – great! It seems like becoming a lash trainer is the correct career path for you. However, if you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions, take some time to think about whether there is a flaw here that you can work on and if not, becoming a trainer might not be for you.

How to choose the right person for you

This should not be overlooked! You are within your rights to be selective over which course you enroll upon and who your trainer is. It’s important that you engage with the trainer and find them interesting to listen to since you’ll be spending many hours learning from them. I’d encourage you to reach out to them before you start the course, for a one-to-one conversation. This is also a great opportunity to clear up any worries that you may have.

I believe that the most important quality to look for in a lash extension trainer is that they visibly care. You need somebody that has your best interests at heart and genuinely cares about how well you do. At some point, you’re going to want to give up, it happens to everyone and you need a trainer that’s going to help pick you up and guide you forward. A good lash trainer will also offer aftercare, where they’ll provide you with support beyond the duration of your course. This can be in the form of helping you with marketing for your business, or as simple as providing advice when you need it.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to take your next step towards becoming a lash technician trainer, please do get in touch! I run my own lash educator course and am always happy to hear from people as passionate about eyelash extensions as I am.

You may also enjoy following my Instagram account, where I post daily tips and guidance about eyelash extensions.

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RM Lash & Beauty are a respected source of knowledge for lash trainers and technicians alike. The quality of their professional eyelash extension education products and training courses reflect their lengthy experience in the industry and positively impacts lash extension professionals globally.


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